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YKL is especially well-suited for situations where a company is considering a significant financial transaction, such as an acquisition or financing, and needs additional expertise to succeed.  A merger or acquisition demands professionals who understand the overall picture.  We understand the challenges of daily business and the complexity that growth through acquisition and financing transactions add to operating and financial executives' daily routines.  In addition, we provide an independent and unbiased view of the target company.

Our professional team will complete your acquisition or financing due diligence and provide deliverables including a written report of our findings and recommendations.  We will also enhance your understanding of historical financial performance, assumptions, and validate the target's forecasts.  All documents acquired and reviewed in the process are archived for your future reference.  Throughout the due diligence process, we will assist you, as an acquirer, in identifying ways to create additional value through the acquisition.

Additionally, our staff will act as the intermediary with the target to acquire documents related to non-financial areas, such as legal, employee benefits, and liability insurance and provide those documents to the appropriate internal or external staff as directed.